So for those of you that don’t know, once upon a time, I started Binkalicious as an urban entertainment/gossip site. To make a long story short, she basically became my neglected side chick when I went to make money blogging elsewhere. So after not showing her any love and affection for a good three years, I decided it was time to give her another shot…and here we are today.

Basically, Binkalicious will be where I post all things Binky. The randomness of my life in radio, outfits, music I love, spontaneous adventures and vacations, recipes (when I’m not feeling domestically challenged), and documenting the hoodrat stuff I do with my friends (just kidding…well kind of).

If you’re interested, drop by often. If you’re a hater, I hope you at least clicked on an ad and threw a couple of coins in my pocket. Either way, welcome to Binkalicious!